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Home Fire Safety Pack

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A SAF-ESCAPE Quality Fire Escape Ladder offers you a reliable fire escape route through your window in the case of a home fire. A fire escape ladder like this is ideal for families with children sleeping in upstairs bedrooms.
The use of a Saf-Escape fire escape ladder is both quick and simple. It is placed over the window sills, requiring no bolts or screws.
The ladders unravel tangle-free and include 5 pairs of rung posts for the 15 ft ladders. These rungs ensure that the fire escape ladder is kept a suitable distance from the wall. Please note that a minimum window opening width of 13" (33cm) is required for the installation of this ladder.
The Saf-Escape ladder selection covers most wall thickness ranges. There are ladders for walls up to 9.5 inches, 16 inches and 20 inches thick. The most relevant dimension for the hook size is the wall thickness. However, excessive overhangs (more than 3 inches) of the sill might lead to an incorrect fit of the ladder. If in doubt, please contact us.

Saf-Escape Ladder - Box Dimensions & Weights

15ft/9.5 inch ladder - 12x41x62cm, 7.5kg

Fire Blankets

* For kitchen fires such as burning cooking oil
* Made in the UK
* Wall mounted and easy to fit
* Easy to clean hard plastic container
* 1 year warranty
* BSI Kitemarked
* Certified to BS EN 1869:1997

1kg Powder Extinguisher

* Fire Extinguisher Rating 8A 34B C
* Dry Powder
* Kitemarked (BS EN3: 1996) and CE marked
* Dimensions (HxWxD): 340x135x80mm
* Easy to read pressure gauge
* Wall-bracket included
* 5 year Warranty on all parts
* Weight of charged extinguisher: 1.67kg